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Kindfully with Fia | Testimonials | teaching class | Fia Aliotta

"Fia's energy is incredible. From the moment she walks into the room, you feel a sense of calm. I love her classes and workshops, and my kids love her mindfulness classes, too. Whenever they get overwhelmed and frustrated, I remind them about their rainbow breath work that they learned from Fia. Sometimes I say: "what would Fis do?" They immediately go into their "toolbox" and calm themselves with the techniques Fia has instilled in them." - E.B

"Fia is such a wonderful guide for children and my daughter absolutely loved being in her mindfulness program. It helped her learn important tools for life and we are grateful to Fia for her insights and tips!" -Casey B.

"Kindfilly with Fia is an absolute must for all children. Fia's method really makes mindfulness approachable and engaging for children of all ages. I see my daughter actively using the tools learned in class and I also find myself benefiting from her teachings. Fia's warmth makes children feel so comfortable and eager to return to class each week. I cannot recommend it enough!" -Jen C.

"I've attended several of Fia's online workshops and I can't wait for the next opportunity to work with her. From the first session, Fia broke down the fundamentals of Mindfulness in a way that made it easy to understand and digest. She is so relatable and I could listen to her voice for hours! From her training I learned practices that I can use on the fly with my kids or when I personally just need a moment of peace and clarity. I'm so happy to be on this journey with Fia. She has truly found her calling!" - Allie J.

"Kindfully with Fia is an absolute must for parents! Fia makes mindfulness so approachable and easy to understand. I learned so many fun practices to use with my kids, and they love them all. Fia, herself, is such a calming presence and I highly recommend her classes and workshops!"-Michelle G.

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