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 Leo's Secret Key front cover | Children's Book | Kindfully with Fia | Fia Aliotta

Written by Fia Aliotta
Available for purchase on Amazon

A Children's Book about Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Leo is kind to everyone - except to himself... When Leo accidentally ruins the birthday card he made for his teacher, he gets very upset. His mom tries to teach him to be mindful and kind to himself. She wants her son to treat himself the way he treats others - with compassion.

Can Leo learn to be his own friend? Can Leo learn to unlock the power of the secret key?


This heartfelt, rhyming story teaches children the powerful lesson of being kind to themselves when they make mistakes. Join Leo as he learns the importance of treating himself like a friend. This story introduces mindfulness and self-compassion to children and adults in a fun and engaging way!

Leo Holding a Key
Hand Over Heart

*Included in the book:*

-An interactive scavenger hunt to find 12 secret keys hidden throughout the pages...

-A mindful breathing script for parents/ caregivers, and educators

-An explanation of the benefits of mindfulness for children

-A discussion guide to encourage a mindful conversation between you and your child

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