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Services & Workshops


  • Parent/School Workshops

  • Mindful Mommy (or Daddy) Classes

  • Corporate Workshops

  • Teacher Workshops

  • Private Family Classes

  • Children's Mindfulness Classes (Fully committed through December 2023)


*All classes are available via Zoom for those not in the Miami area.

*All workshops and classes must be booked directly through Fia, so please reach out if you are interested!


For More Info on Classes & For Pricing:


More info on classes:

Kindfully Class Offerings :

School/Corporate Workshops (Available upon request)

  • Why a workshop with Fia? As a speech pathologist and certified mindfulness educator, Fia has the knowledge and expertise to help you learn what it means to be mindful. She will teach you tools so that you can bring mindfulness, presence, and compassion into your life and the lives of those around you!

  • Workshops include topics such as:

    • The science and research behind mindfulness

    • How mindfulness can benefit you, your children and your whole family

    • Reducing your daily stress through mindfulness practices

    • Improving your child's academic performance, social skills and relationships

    • Increasing productivity, creativity and performance in the office

    • Evidence-based practices that you can incorporate into your daily life and teach your whole family how to be mindful!

Classes and Workshops for Teachers & Faculty

  • Learn tools to help you stay calm when the classroom feels chaotic

  • Learn techniques that you can teach your students

  • Tips and Tricks for easily incorporating mindfulness into the curriculum 

Mindful Mommy (Or Daddy) Classes (Available upon request-min of 6 moms) 

  • Learn tools to help you stay calm when the home feels chaotic

  • Learn techniques that you can teach your kids

  • Learn how mindfulness will increase your patience, presence and communication skills

Private Family Classes (Available upon request- *Fully committed for Fall/Winter 2023)

  • Tailored to the family’s individual wants and needs

  • Partner work is included 

  • Learn tools to be more mindful, calm, connected, and communicative together​


*Classes focus on the following techniques and skills:

  • Mindfulness-based techniques to help ground you into the present moment

  • Breath-work to learn how to use your breath as a resource to calm the body and mind 

  • Focus Activities to improve your attention skills 

  • Mindful Communication

  • Speech & Language Activities to improve overall communication skills and social communication skills 

  • Gratitude Practices to teach self-compassion, kindness, and empathy

  • Movement as a way to explore different sensations & feelings within the body

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Self-regulation 

Mindful Eating Exercise with Raisins
Guided Relaxation Activity
Focus Activity with Singing Bowl
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